Friday, July 6, 2012

Busy-Body Sunny Summer

It's turning out to be a busy summer, but we still hope to get out several more episodes this season.

We've got three episodes in particular we'd like to recommend before listening to any other episodes if you're new here. (All episodes are thirty minutes or less.)

The first of these is our Introduction which explains we mean by Eat Live: Live Well, and how to eat in such a way to really support your body.

The second episode we'd like to recommend is our short twenty minute episode packed with money saving tips: Produce on a Budget.

And thirdly, the next hot topic is "Where will I get my protein?" or other minerals and vitamins you might be concerned about lacking on such an "unusual" diet. This episode: Getting Enough Nutrition is also somewhat cautionary. Nutritional deficiencies are serious stuff.

~ Raederle & Jay Jacot

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Shows Summer 2012

Hi there friends, family and fans!

Jay and I were travelling from March 5th to May 2nd 2012. We visited Kansas, Georgia, Florida and North Carolina.

We'll be recording more shows this summer and plan to cover topics such as toxicity, weight loss, probiotics, detoxification, sugar addiction, depression and many other topics as well.

The show, Eat Live: Live Well is recorded at ThinkTwiceRadio.

The show's title breaks down thus:

"Eat Live: Live Well."

"Eat Live" as in "Live food" or "This show is live."
"Live Well" as in "Living Well" or "Making a living."

Come listen and read along to our introductory episode to learn about what living food is. And, when you've got another half an hour on your hands, our second episode is on vitamin D, vitamin B12 and nutrition in general.

We'll be recording again tomorrow, so stop by again soon!

~ Raederle

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Our Own Radio Show

Hi there friends, family and fans! Much love and happiness to you and your surroundings.

I, Raederle, and my husband, Jay, have started up a radio show called "Eat Live: Live Well." That is "Eat Live" as in "Live food" or "This show is live." And "Live Well" as in "Living Well" or "Making a living."

The archive of shows on the actual radio station website is here.

Also, you may use the links above to navigate.

~ Raederle Phoenix